Teeth Whitening in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Teeth Whitening in Monmouth Junction, NJ

If you are seeking a brighter smile without professional whitening in-office, then DIY treatments might be the solution. For that purpose, there are many over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening kits available. Some are ready to use, and many come pre-mixed while others require mixing. However, you can achieve better results from dentist-dispensed take-home kits. This is especially true for systems used over extended periods. Over the long haul, at-home bleaching can be even more effective than teeth whitening in the office.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening in Monmouth Junction, NJ

The main reason the dentist near you prefers at-home whitening trays is due to the ongoing use. Also, tiny amounts of the bleaching agent stay within the enamel for up to 36 hours. Therefore, when the process is repeated, the whitening effect is greater.

When you whiten your teeth with trays recommended by the dentist near me from Brunswick Smiles, you receive a higher percentage of the bleach than OTC kits. Furthermore, dentist-dispensed take-home systems typically consist of:

Custom-fitted bleaching trays: There are several benefits to using our flexible plastic trays to whiten your teeth. First, they allow the bleaching agent to remain in contact with each tooth for optimal results. Second, custom-fitted trays keep saliva out. This is important to prevent the bleach from becoming diluted. Lastly, properly fitted trays reduce the amount of whitening agent dribble. That is any drip that encounters the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. Whitening products should only contact tooth surfaces. The bleach can be very irritating to gums.

Professional-grade peroxide gel: The whitening compound is either stored in syringes or in pre-loaded trays. Typically, your dentist in Monmouth Junction, NJ, will fine-tune the concentration. In addition, a desensitizing agent may be added. In most cases, professional take-home kits provide enough peroxide gel to cover the following: two-week annual treatment; one or two-day touch-ups to be used every four to six months.

Dentist-Supervised Whitening at Brunswick Smiles

Professional take-home whitening kits from your Monmouth Junction dentist contain a higher concentration of bleaching gel than OTC kits. As a result, the dentist-supervised whitening in Monmouth Junction, NJ, provides great results in one to two weeks, if used as directed.

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