Oral Cancer Screenings Can Help Save Your Life

Oral Cancer Screenings Can Help Save Your Life

Although oral cancer may not get the same attention as other cancers, the condition is just as deadly. It is estimated that one person in the U.S. dies from the disease every hour of each day. Compared to more widely-known cancers, the percentage of oral cancer sufferers is relatively small. However, this type of cancer is particularly dangerous because it is often detected in the late stages. By the time oral cancer reaches an advanced stage, the odds of survival are not good. Only 6 out of 10 patients will beat the disease after five years of treatment.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy test to determine if you are likely to have mouth cancer. Furthermore, early detection has been proven to increase the chance of survival to 80 percent or better. For that reason, oral cancer screenings save lives. To make preventive dentistry even easier, at Brunswick Smiles, oral cancer screenings are a part of the routine dental checkups, which the dentist near me typically performs.

What’s more, an oral cancer screening in Monmouth Junction is quick and painless. The goal is for your dentist Monmouth Junction, NJ, is to identify minor changes in the soft tissues of the mouth and lips. This is how stages of oral cancer are detected. The test is mainly a visual and tactile exam. If your dentist in Monmouth Junction finds any abnormalities, a tissue sample will be taken and sent to a lab.

Oral Cancer Screenings at Brunswick Smiles

A comprehensive mouth cancer screening is part of your routine dental exam. Therefore, this is just one more reason to keep up with regularly scheduled dental visits. A typical oral cancer screening includes a visual check of your lips and all the soft tissues inside the mouth. Your dentist near you is looking for white or red patches or abnormal sores.

To check for swellings or lumps, you may feel pressure from your fingers. Also, expect your tongue to be pulled aside gently for a clearer view. To assess suspicious areas, your Monmouth Junction dentist may use dye, a special light, or some other procedure. Anything suspect will be biopsied.

If you notice any abnormal changes inside your mouth, call us at Brunswick Smiles to schedule an appointment. While most mouth sores are benign, some do indicate oral cancer. Keep in mind, any suspicious areas that have not cleared up after two to three weeks should be checked. Early detection is your best defense against mouth cancer.

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