Dentures and Partials in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Dentures and Partials in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Many dental patients believe missing a tooth is not a serious matter. However, Brunswick Smiles knows that even missing a single tooth can cause problems for your oral health. Your teeth may shift out of their original position, the gums may degenerate, and teeth can become more difficult to keep clean. A Monmouth Junction dentist can provide dental care to restore your teeth – partials and dentures. Depending on your specific dental needs, our dentist near you may recommend either of these options to avoid negative impacts on your oral health.


Partials, or partial dentures, can either be fixed or removable. Removable partials can also be called bridges. These involve placing a set of teeth in the mouth that look like your natural teeth. A metal framework, as well as dental crowns, may be used to keep your prosthetics securely in place and beautify your smile. Fixed partials are cemented to teeth adjacent to the sockets missing teeth.


Complete dentures can either be immediate or conventional. Conventional dentures involve the removal of any teeth remaining on the upper or lower arch of the mouth by the dentist near me. Once they’re removed, the mouth is allowed to heal for several weeks or months. After the healing is completed, your permanent dentures will be fitted and put into place so that you can wear them regularly.

Immediate dentures are similar except that they are applied to the arches as soon as remaining teeth have been extracted. They are made using impressions of your remaining teeth before they’re pulled, giving you a natural-looking smile in just one procedure. These dentures may have to be adjusted over time as the gums heal, and their shape changes.

Alternatives to Dentures

If you would like more information about alternative methods to restore your smile without dentures, contact our office and speak with a Brunswick Smiles dentist Monmouth Junction, NJ, to learn more about your options for dental care. We provide a wide range of treatments to make sure every patient has a beautiful and healthy smile that lasts for years.

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