Dental Sealants in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Dental Sealants in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Dental Sealants in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

At Brunswick Smiles Family Dentistry, our dentist Monmouth Junction, NJ, uses dental sealants as a way to shield teeth and prevent cavities. If you live in Monmouth Junction or the 08852 area, we urge you to schedule an appointment at our dental office to see if dental sealants are a suitable solution for you and your family’s teeth.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating brushed onto the surface of molars to prevent tooth decay. It is an effective procedure for both children and adults. At Brunswick Smiles Family Dentistry, our dentist near you will limit the damage caused by cavities by sealing the ridges of your back teeth.

Why Use Dental Sealants?

The best way to prevent cavities is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day or after you eat. However, this method may not be effective because of the ridges in your back teeth, which are also called molars. The uneven, rough edges of your molars can be a bright hideaway for leftover food and harmful bacteria. The dental sealant sticks to the surface of your back teeth, keeping food from getting stuck or cavities from forming. They can also stop indications of a cavity from becoming a full cavity.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Not at all. When you visit our Monmouth Junction dentist, he or she will clean your teeth. Then, we rinse and dry your teeth before placing the dental sealants by painting them onto the tooth. The sealant is dried using a dental light. The process takes only a few minutes per tooth and is entirely pain-free. It is a quick, comfortable way to stop cavities from forming or taking over. They are bright, meaning there is no need to worry about unsightly metal or discoloration. Some patients feel a small difference in their teeth because of their new smoothness, but it is not irritating or uncomfortable in any way.

If you live in Monmouth Junction, and the question in your head is, “is there a dentist near me?” just call to schedule an appointment at Brunswick Smiles Family Dentistry. We also welcome patients from North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Princeton, Kendall Park, Somerset, Franklin Park, Plainsboro, New Brunswick, East Windsor, Princeton, Monroe, and Jamesburg. We are happy to examine you and your family’s teeth before letting you know if sealants are the right choice for you.

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