Bone Grafting in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Bone Grafting in Monmouth Junction, NJ

After tooth loss, the missing roots are no longer in place to stimulate the jaw bone. For this reason, the underlying bone begins to deteriorate, or resorb. In addition, bone loss can occur when the periodontal disease goes untreated. As a result of significant bone and tooth loss, the facial structure will cave in or sag. This makes people with missing teeth appear older. Furthermore, the missing bone makes it difficult to replace the teeth. It is a good thing that advanced dental technology has brought us bone grafts. Modern grafting techniques performed by the dentist near me can aid build up the lost bone.

Bone Grafting in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Bone grafting improves jawbone health and facial appearance. It does so by allowing for successful tooth replacement solutions and by providing the necessary facial structure support.

Bone grafting at Brunswick Smiles is a minor surgery.

Typically, the bone grafting procedure is performed in-house by our Monmouth Junction dentist at our Monmouth Junction, NJ dental office. A small incision is made by our dentist near you in the soft tissue to gain access to the underlying bone. Then, the grafting material is filled in the space. The material used for bone grafts can be harvested from the patient’s own body. Also, the material can come from a lab, derived from a human or animal donor. The processed bone minerals will stimulate new bone growth in the treatment area.

The Benefits of Bone Grafts

Bone grafts are used at Brunswick Smiles Family Dentistry to achieve the following treatment goals:

Save Healthy Teeth: When advanced gum disease leads to bone deterioration, teeth loosen and eventually fall out. Avoid tooth loss, and bone grafting is used to generate new bone and keep teeth in place.

Tooth Extractions: Today, it is common practice to place grafting material into the empty socket after tooth removal. This allows for the option to place a dental implant in the future.

Dental Implant Restorations: This popular tooth replacement solution involves surgically inserting a titanium post in the jawbone by our dentist Monmouth Junction, NJ. A dental crown is then attached to the post, permanently replacing both the lost tooth and the root. Successful implantation requires a good amount of healthy bone.

If you have suffered bone loss, bone grafting can help restore what was lost so that an implant can be placed. You can contact us if you are from North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Princeton, Kendall Park, Somerset, Franklin Park, Plainsboro, New Brunswick, East Windsor, Monroe, and Jamesburg.

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