Dental Veneers Myths Debunked

Dental Veneers Myths Debunked

Apr 01, 2020

Do you remember back then when the dental veneers were large, unsightly, and looked fake? Well at Brunswick Smiles due to advances in technology lot has changed since then. But, there are still a few misconceptions that indicate veneers are an ineffective, invasive, and unaffordable solution. In this post, we mention some of the common myths and facts.

Myth # 1: Dental Veneers Look Fake

Veneers now a days are made of lithium disilicate, which is a mixture of a white metal and tooth colored ceramics. The characteristics of Lithium disilicate allow veneers to be very strong at minimal thickness. They wafer-like shells that applied on the surface of the teeth, meaning they are barely noticeable.Due to these advances in materials we are able to mimic natural teeth in function and feel without making the teeth look fake, thus giving them a natural appearance.

With approval of the patient, the dentist chooses the ideal shade when designing veneers. Lithium disilicate veneers are stain-resistant, very durable, and can maintain their shade and appearance for a very long time.

Myth #2: Veneers are invasive and they hurt

A common misconception is that the teeth are drilled down to complete veneers, but often this is not the case. At Brunswick Smiles we use the latest dental materials that allow none or minimal preparation (drilling) of the teeth in order to get a picture perfect smile. In rare cases if drilling is necessary it is mostly done without any local anesthetic (numbing) as the procedure is not invasive and very minimal.

Myth # 3: The Veneers Process is Lengthy

You will need at least three dental visits for the veneers procedure.

On your first appointment, the dentist will examine your teeth and ensure the health of your gums. Also we will take 9 total pictures and preliminary molds of your teeth so that we can get a mock up of your new smile. We ask that you bring inspiration pictures during this visit so that we can try to take into consideration your wants and desires for your brand new smile.

During the second appointment, the doctor will review you new smile and give you a digital and physical preview of your new smile applied directly to your teeth without any drilling.

If both, you and the doctor, are happy with the smile design than the teeth will be prepared, a mold is taken to send to the lab for fabrication of the veneers, andtemporary veneers will be placed on to your teeth at the completion of this visit.

On the third and final visit the temporary veneers will be removed and the permanent veneers will be chemically bonded (cemented) to the teeth. All excess cement will be removed and the teeth will be polished.

Myth # 4: Anyone Can Get Veneers

Dental veneers can fix different minor dental imperfection, such as discoloration, chipped, broken, worn down, and misaligned teeth. However, as effective as the veneers are, not everyone can use them.

People with dental decay, however, mild may not qualify for veneers. The dentist will first treat the decay and restore your teeth before applying the veneers. Additionally, bruxism, gingivitis, or other gum diseases may also disqualify you. It is important to speak to our dentist in Monmouth Junction, NJ, on suitable dental solutions.

Don’t be skeptical about veneers. Contact us if you are looking for veneers in North Brunswick, and we shall guide in choosing the right veneer type.

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